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Ryosi Shuemura

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Ryosi Shuemura was born on December 15, 1998 in the city of Last Ventures, he was also named by his grandfather named Iori Yatagami. 5 years Ryosi was abandoned by his father due to a hit-and-run accident by irresponsible people, not only that, Ryosi' mother had to migrate to work to meet daily needs to a big city. Lost Santos as a surgeon. Yes, he is often called a flash doctor or a doctor. fast in dealing with patients and often helps people in need compared to himself.

17 years later, yes, he grew up without a father without a father's love but he is a person who never complains about anything, he will pursue whatever he wants with the results of his hard work and sweat alone without help from his mother or family, after he achieves his wishes Ryosi also has big dreams, he wants to be a pilot and it's not easy to achieve. For years he studied to the highest universities in big cities such as Lost Santos and San Fiero, not only that, he also has loyal friends and often helps in any case without his will named ehsan alvaro he is a friend from his childhood.

After a long time, he pursued his dream with Ehsan and often participated in business affairs and others, he succeeded in achieving his dream of becoming an airline pilot in the city of San Fiero and owning a private plane called Scn S67O2I, the plane was a gift to commemorate his father who died, Not only that, Ehsan who often participates in delivering passengers using planes owned by Ryosi often becomes the second pilot or can be called a backup pilot to replace James who is tired if he wants to rest. After many years, James did not meet his mother. Yes, they met in the city of San Fiero while shopping at the supermarket and for the first time, also for Ehsan. Yes, he could recognize the face of Ryosi' mother, which Ryosi often told him about, not only happy that Ryosi and Ehsan were willing to hug Shanty's mother. even though he is no longer young at 62 years old and he is still working as a surgeon and a doctor in the operation section of internal organs, at his age that is not young, he often feels lonely when Ryosi is still in the city of san fiero, not only lonely she also suffered from a serious disease, namely breast cancer due to smoking but yes she covered it all from Ryosi and they were happy.



kasih 7 spasi di awal paragraf, sama kasih gambar CS nya



Tolak aja min



Ditunggu sampai besok, jika no respond akan di denied



After I reviewed your Character Story, then I decided to Denied your Character Story
Reason : Tidak ada respon dari yang bersangkutan



You are here » IndoWest RP » In Character » Archived CS » Ryosi Shuemura

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